Proposed Modifications and Evidence Based Consultation (2021)


Residents may have received a communication from CYC with regard to the above consultation. Essentially, this is additional work on the draft Local Plan in response to various questions from the independent examiners. These modifications will be covered in public hearings on the Plan which are expected to take place in the autumn.

A large part of the modifications being consulted on relates to the defining of Green Belt boundaries around York and the housing needs assessment.

As far as our Parish is concerned the relevant paper is EX /CYC/59c which deals with the proposed green belt in Rufforth with Knapton. The paper gives a detailed explanation for the decision on the exact green belt boundary but results in no change to the original proposed boundary which is totally consistent with that shown in our Rufforth with Knapton Neighbourhood Plan which was adopted in 2018 following a referendum with 93% of those voting in favour. The Parish Council are happy that these modifications, if accepted, protect the green belt in our Parish in line with the expectations of residents.

The consultation invites comments on the various papers in relation to the soundness and legal compliance of the Plan. If you wish to comment you can do so on the City of York Council website. Please note that the consultation only allows you to comment on one paper at a time.

The Parish council will be indicating our support for these papers in our response.