Latest updates regarding the 412 Bus Service

Updated 25/11/2022

We understand that City of York Council and North Yorkshire County Council have put the 412 service out to tender to all bus operators and we hope to have an update on the progress of those discussions next week.

Updated 22/10/2022

The Parish Council have been informed by City of York Council and North Yorkshire County Council, that along with West Yorkshire, they are working to find a solution for the 412 bus service. We will keep you informed of progress.

Updated 20/10/2022

Further to earlier updates on the Connexions 412 Bus Service, a statement by Peter Rollings, our Chairman, will be made at this evening’s City of  York Council Meeting under Agenda item ‘Protecting and improving local bus services’. The full statement can be read here.

Updated 15/10/2022

The Parish Council have been informed by Connexions that they have given notice on the 412 bus service to take effect from 10th December. However, they are still in discussion with both North Yorks County Council and City of York council in an attempt to find an acceptable solution.

The Parish council are lobbying both councils to urgently find a solution to ensure the longer term viability of this vital service. Given the current unprofitability of the service, this would probably require some sort of financial contribution from the councils which presents its own difficulties in the current climate. Please rest assured that the Parish Council will continue to vigorously search for a resolution.

Updated 07/09/2022

Residents will be aware that Connexions Buses have suspended the Saturday service on the 412 route. The Parish Council has been in dialogue with Connexions and North Yorkshire County Council (the authority under whose jurisdiction the majority of the route operates).

The current situation is caused by an acute shortage of drivers, which is a well-reported and national problem, but it is also the case that passenger numbers are much reduced post-covid, threatening the viability of the service.

The Parish Council continues to work with all concerned to attempt to resolve the situation and to maintain the existing service and the subject was discussed again at the September meeting.

Please support the service as much as you can as this really is a case of USE IT OR LOSE IT!

View the current timetable, effective May 2022.

NYCC will continue to run the special early/late service Monday to Friday:

The NYCC Early service (Mon-Fri) Departs York Rail station (07.47), via Knapton, Rufforth (08.02), Long Marston, Bilton, Tockwith, Bickerton, Thorp Arch, and Wetherby (08.45).

The NYCC Late service (Mon-Fri) Departs Wetherby (17.25), via Bickerton, Tockwith, Bilton, Long Marston, Rufforth (18.03), Knapton, and York Rail station.