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City of York Council is consulting on reversing the previous decisions which removed access to York city centre for Blue Badge holders.

The consultation will be based over two phases so they can hear views from residents on how they can achieve this.

Consultation Phase 1
This is your invitation to take part in the first phase of consultation on the following five principles that, if approved, will help shape an Executive report in October 2023.

  1. Return to previous access – to revert to the Blue Badge accessibility measures that were in place before November 2021.
  2. City centre events – some events may require Blue Badge access to be suspended at times (for example during the Christmas Markets)
  3. Recognising security risks – the Police will have the power to lock down all access to the city centre using an Anti-Terrorism Traffic Regulation Order
  4. Finding solutions – if the Council Executive agrees to restore Blue Badge access through the new hostile vehicle barriers, then the council will work with badge holders on how to achieve this
  5. Longer term improvements – we’re committed to considering and implementing longer-term improvements to accessibility in the city

All responses will be collated to inform a decision at the Council Executive meeting in October 2023.

The first phase of the consultation will close on 18th September 2023.

Consultation Phase 2
This report will outline the next steps, and a more detailed second phase of consultation on how to achieve this will follow soon after.

Completing the questionnaire
You can complete and return to us in a number of ways:

  1. Complete the questionnaire online
  2. Download the questionnaire, complete and return it using one of the following options:
    –  Email your completed questionnaire to restoring.BBaccess@york.gov.uk
    –  Hand in the completed form at any Explore Library or West Offices
    –  Call CYC Customer Services on 01904 551550 to request a freepost return envelope
  3. Drop into any Explore library or West Offices where you can complete the form in person

What happens next?
Completed consultation forms will be separated from any correspondence and related contact details to ensure anonymity. All responses will be collated to inform a decision at the Council Executive meeting in October 2023.

Privacy Notice
The CYC Privacy Notice can be reviewed on their website.