Parish Council & Harewood Whin Liaison Meeting


The Parish Council held our regular Liaison Meeting with Yorwaste on Monday 15th March, minutes of which can be found here.

The site entrance changes are now complete, in compliance with the planning approval for the Waste Transfer Station, with the objective of preventing HGVs from turning right out of the site.

Please note that this is reinforced by our Operating Agreement with Yorwaste which commits Yorwaste to prevent HGVs in their direct control traveling through Rufforth.

However, there are some agreed exceptions such as when there are closures elsewhere on the road network (as is the case currently with the roadworks at the A1/A59 junction) and for local services which may include vehicles from neighbouring authorities such as Leeds and Harrogate.

If you have any issues connected with the operation of Harewood whin please contact the Parish Council, rather than attempting to get in touch with Yorwaste direct. Any cases of non-compliance with our agreement will be followed up.