Introducing Linda Young


Following the recent resignation of Councillor John Flynn, we are delighted to welcome your newly appointed Parish Councillor for Knapton, Linda Young.

Some of you may already know Linda and her partner, or perhaps their cat – Rory.  A York resident since the early 1980s, Linda has lived in Knapton for over 16 years and has first-hand experience of the work the Parish Council do in ensuring residents have local services, with her grandchildren being big fans of the new Knapton Play Area which they enjoy during school holidays.

Linda has over 40 years’ professional experience in both the NHS and the private sector, and as such brings a considerable appreciation of differing organisational values and ways of working. Linda has gained significant exposure to multi-disciplinary and multi-site operational management, business development, cultural issues and resource control through managing complex health and social care services.

When asked about her application, Linda told us “Having researched the work of Parish Councils and attended some of the meetings, the role of Councillor appeals to me on the basis of shared values, purpose and an ambition to further build on the work of the council.

I aim to actively seek out views, opinions and speak on behalf of the people we represent; contributing to sound decision making, based on logical, analytical and organised thinking. But most importantly, I am highly focused on making a difference and ensuring that Knapton receives services.”

We are sure Linda will make a major contribution to the work of the Parish Council and we look forward to working with her.