Introducing Victoria Kirk


Following the recent resignation of Councillor Jane Wright, we are delighted to welcome your newly appointed Parish Councillor, Victoria Kirk.

A childhood resident of Rufforth, Victoria returned to live in Rufforth in 2017, since then she has been involved in local activities and has shown an active interest in the Parish by regularly attending Parish Council meetings.

Some of you may already know Victoria and her spaniel Scooby who has been central in helping her meet so many people in the village. They regularly walk the various footpaths and routes around Rufforth, which has led to Victoria’s keen interest in the environmental aspects of the village.

Victoria works in Change Management where she has gained significant experience in negotiating and working with government departments and third-party organisations, which we are confident will offer value to the Parish Council.

When asked about her application, Victoria told us “Since moving back to Rufforth I have joined the Village Institute committee and have been involved in the regeneration of the under 5’s play area, the Queen’s Jubilee event, and the village Festival, as well as undertaking some volunteer work to tidy the millennium garden and parts of the cycle path.

My interest in the community, decisions that affect the residents, and how they are represented led me to attend the Parish Council meetings and the aspiration to become a voice for the community.”

We are sure Victoria will make a major contribution to the work of the Parish Council and we look forward to working with her.