All planning applications are determined by the local authority, in our case City of York Council, with larger or complex applications being referred to the Public Planning Committee meeting.

The Rufforth with Knapton Neighbourhood Plan is a statutory document and as such the local authority must take full account of the Policies therein when determining planning applications in the Parish.

The Parish Council is an Official Consultee in the planning process and as such reviews and comments on all planning applications pertaining to the Parish. Although not able to make decisions, the Parish Council’s comments do carry significant weight. At all times, the Parish Council will review applications guided by the policies and relevant text contained in the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Vision and Aims of the Neighbourhood Plan are fully endorsed by the Parish Council and will inform our deliberations.

Neighbourhood Plan
Para 7:2 Vision
Para 7:3 Aims

The Parish Council welcome discussion with applicants to better inform our comments and to facilitate the process.