Resurfacing of Back Lane, Knapton


The Parish Council have contacted City of York Council with reference to the resurfacing of Back Lane in Knapton and have received the following response:

We undertake both proactive and reactive maintenance of our highways.

Our proactive maintenance is the resurfacing programme which is published each year. Survey information ranks each street in terms of its current condition. We then overlay additional information such as the presence of a hospital, doctors surgery etc to help come with a prioritised list of proactive works each year. This is a process promoted by the Department for Transport and recognises that councils cannot afford to improve every road.

The Head of Highways has checked the published annual reports going back to 2013/14 and cannot see Back Lane Knapton highlighted for any maintenance work. At the moment, Back Lane, Knapton ranks 218 out of 3093. Which would realistically mean it would be years before it was fully resurfaced.

In addition, we undertake a safety inspection to see if any repairs are required. A highway inspector inspects the roads and records the inspection. The highways inspector last undertook this in September for Back Lane, Knapton, and identified no defects warranting repair.

If members of the public have identified specific defects in between the inspectors that it is deemed to warrant repair these can be made via the City of York Council’s website https://www.york.gov.uk/ReportRoadsPavementsPotholes.

The Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation.