The Parish Council are pleased to share the news of the installation Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) on Wetherby Road (West approach) and Bradley Lane, in Rufforth, to warn motorists approaching the village of the 30-mph speed limit. The signs have inbuilt software which will gather data to further enable the council to develop a longer-term road safety and traffic management strategy. These signs are in addition to the recently erected speedwatch signs at each of the three village gateways.

The equipment has been largely funded by the Parish Council, with the aid of grant funding from the North Yorkshire Police, Fire & Crime Commissioners office (AJ1 scheme) and, once again, the council thank the team of Community Speedwatch volunteers who have gathered evidence over the last three years that helped to drive the scheme forward.

This project has taken over three years of constant evidence gathering and negotiation with public bodies to bring to fruition yet is only a step along the way as we strive to develop our strategy of improving road safety for our residents.