Volunteering in our Villages


There is always a need for volunteers in our two villages…. often to tidy greenery. If you would like to go out with a pair of secateurs and gloves there is usually work to be done along the cycle path. We do not have a fulltime maintenance person on the job and it would be hugely appreciated by the Parish Council, walkers and cyclists.

In Rufforth, we have two cemeteries… the Natural Burial Ground and a traditional one, both very beautiful to work in. Some residents might like to spend some time keeping them tidy.

We are putting out an appeal too for volunteers to join the SpeedWatch teams, as traffic and speed continue to be major issues in our villages.

If you are experiencing problems specifically during the Covid 19 pandemic, there are volunteers in both villages who might be able to help.

If can volunteer any time to support our villages, please contact the Clerk by email to: clerk@rufforthwithknapton-pc.gov.uk.